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The Courts

Sited in a pleasant spot with trees and parkland, easily accessible to many city-dwellers, most club members arrive at the courts by bike or on foot. These courts are owned by the city council and managed by the Greville Smyth Tennis Club. They were successfully treated with moss-killer and spray-cleaned in February 2018 and were completely repainted in June 2018.

Fresh new courts

How to book the courts

Members can book court 1 on the notice board booking sheet at any time (outside allocated sessions), though there is a polite request to avoid booking more than one session in advance, to give as many as possible access to the courts, especially at peak times (summer weekday evenings in particular). It is seldom necessary to book courts during the day in weektime.

To book Court 1 at the club all you need to do is add your name to the booking sheet at the club against the time you would like to play. The booking sheet will be put on the club notice board and renewed every fortnight.

Court 2 is reserved simply to turn up and play (for an hour maximum if somebody else is waiting).

General enquiries

Contact: grevillesmythtennis[at]gmail[dot]com

Tennis courts

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