Greville Smyth Tennis Club

Temporary Court & Booking Rules from December 2nd, 2020


The following rules are to be followed as of the 2nd of December 2020, until further notice.

i) Singles & Doubles play allowed – but you must all be playing – no spectating or taking turns, and social distancing must be practised at all times.

ii) Both courts pre-bookable in the short term. This will help to maximise court time for the largest number, and allows us to easily contact anyone who has played/is booked for tracking as appropriate. Please clearly write your first name and surname when booking.

iii) Courts only eligible if all players are paid up members (reduces pressure on courts & ease of tracking)

iv) Only ONE name entry for a pre booked one hour slot per week – ie name only appears once each week (in practice this means one person can legitimately book for 2 hours once a week – one hour in their name – the other in their partner’s name). They can play additionally if there is capacity – which is likely given membership is starting from scratch, they just cannot book more initially (we will monitor that and relax as appropriate). If you are from one household only TWO of you can book ONE hour per week (so you can also only pre-book a maximum of 2 hours /week initially. Again this may be reviewed, depending upon demand.

v) Social sessions rules have changed until further notice, see temporary social session rules.

vi) Do not pick up balls from the neighbouring court but ask someone from the other court to kick the ball back. If this is not possible for any reason, please be sensitive to their game and be vigilant in observing ample social distancing. Remember they may be breathing heavily, so more than 2 metres is appropriate.

vii) Keep all equipment separate, to the side of the net (on either side of the 2 courts, but not in the middle)

viii) No sitting or congregating by the bench

ix) No more than 8 people in total on the 2 courts at any one time – so no waiting for a game etc (with the one exception of one family unit – however, they cannot sit on the bench and take turns – they must play together or leave the court altogether). x) Maintain social distancing at all times on ourt

xi) Please apply an alcohol based anti bacterial gel before entering the court/booking a court, and after leaving (the club cannot guarantee providing any as it cannot be kept securely)

xii) No visitors on court at all – NO GUESTS allowed – ONLY paid up members (with the excepton of non-members attending coaching - prebooking required)

xiii) Members playing may be asked for their membership details. Please co-operate accordingly

xiv) Please under no circumstances give anyone else the keycode. This advice is not new – but especially important in these times.

Enjoy your games! And thank you for observing the rules. Please feedback via the website as appropriate.

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