Greville Smyth Tennis Club


The club offers tuition with qualified LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) coaches either through group sessions or private lessons. Please contact Matt directly if you are interested.

Adult coaching

If you are interested in improving your game with drills and professional instruction, you can pay for each session individually or pre-book a series of lessons.

Junior coaching

Saturday mornings junior lessons start at 12 noon and are split into groups as follows:

  • Mini Red (Ages 5-8) 12:00 - 13:00
  • Mini Green/Yellow Ball (Ages 8-13) 13:00 - 14:00
  • Match Practice 14:00 - 14:30

GSTC junior players and coaching team

For the full 7 week course, prices range for members from £14 (Tots) to £24 (Greens). You will need to become a member of the club to join in. Alternatively you can pay and play any particular week from £2.50 to £4.00 depending on which age group you join.

RED - For beginners aged 6-8 years and who wish to start learning tennis. Sessions will cover basic co-ordination, racket and ball skills and various fun games – the emphasis is very much on FUN and skill learning. They will be introduced to the basic strokes to play the game, and will continue to build on their athletic, balance and co-ordination skills.

ORANGE - For beginners aged 8–10 progressing from Mini Tennis Red, who have developed their skills sufficiently to move onto a modified size court with low compression balls. Equipment, court size and rules are adapted to cater for the players’ ability. Sessions will cover co-ordination and movement exercises, basic rules, technique and tactics of the game.

GREEN - For beginners aged 10-12, who have progressed through the lower levels. Sessions will focus on developing technique on all strokes and explore tactical situations incorporating a games based approach to enhance new skills and extend learning. Sessions will build on all aspects covered in Orange with more drills and match play.

JUNIOR CHALLENGE - For Intermediate level 11–16 year olds, who have completed the Mini Tennis Green. They must be able to maintain a groundstroke rally from the baseline, be able to serve over arm and play a game of singles/doubles. Basic knowledge of the rules is essential. Sessions will include technique and tactics incorporated within drills and games. This course is intended for players who wish to play in tournaments and gain an LTA rating. We will be looking to run a fun tournament within the group every 2-3 months, with results being sent off to the LTA which will go towards their player rating!

Contact the coach for lessons

Matt Elston

Our club's head coach is Matt Elston. Matt is a fully qualified LTA licenced Club Coach and has over 10 years experience playing in many county tournaments.

T: 07894 330 695

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