Greville Smyth Tennis Club

Mixed Singles Tennis Ladder

Greville Smyth tennis club run a friendly singles tennis ladder (all year, depending on take-up). All members of the club are welcome to join, regardless of ability. The ladder runs continually and you are expected to make your own arrangements with the others in the ladders to arrange matches. When you join the ladder, you will be emailed the contact details of the others in the ladder. Information on how to join the ladder and play matches is below.

How do I join the Ladder?

Everyone is welcome to join the ladder, regardless of ability. When you join for the first time, look at the current ladder rankings (link below) and pick a player to challenge. The player can be anywhere on the ladder. If you beat that player, you take their place. If you lose, you enter the ladder at the bottom. Please try to pick a well-matched opponent for your first match to avoid starting at the very bottom. If you don’t recognise any names and are not sure where to start, try asking at the social tennis sessions, or email the address below.

If you would like to join the ladder (it's free for members), or have any questions, please email boxes [at] grevillesmythtennis [dot] co [dot] uk.

How does the Ladder work?

Once you have joined the ladder and played your first placement match, you can challenge any player within 4 positions above you ("never played" players don't count towards your 4 position above, you can exclude them from your count). If you beat that player, you take your opponents position and they move down 1 (as does everyone in the ladder). You should not repeatedly refuse challenges from players below you. Inactive players or players refusing challenges are likely to be demoted. There is no limit on the number of matches you can play.

Once you have played a match, the winner should email the score to boxes [at] grevillesmythtennis [dot] co [dot] uk (or message James on WhatsApp/Telegram),

Ladder Rules

  • Mixed singles
  • Best of 1 or 3 sets, decided on by both players before each match
  • Challenge any opponent up to 4 positions higher than you
  • When challenged from below, the challenger and you swap positions if the challenger wins
  • There are no expectations as to how much you play, play whatever suits you. However, continuing to refuse challenges from below you/being dormant is likely to get you demoted
  • No limit on the number of matches you can play
  • Contact details of those in your box will be emailed before the round starts
  • Organise your own matches, winner submits the results to the ladder page on the same day.
  • Minimum age: 18

Current Ladder Rankings

You can view the current ladder rankings here.

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